2021 News and Events

Dear member:
Please see the following attachments for the coming AGM scheduled to be held on Friday, May 7 2021 at 8.00 PM. The BHJS Canada Alumni Registration Form is for updating purposes in order to validate the required number of attendance according to our Memorandum of Association. If you will attend the AGM on Zoom, a link will be sent to you with the meeting agenda before the AGM. Please return these forms ASAP by simply filling in the blank fields and then click the  ‘Submit’ button. The finished forms will be sent back automatically to us.
1)  BHJS Canada Alumni Registration/Update Form        https://forms.gle/pTxpFrFLhrEzpRHt6
2)  BHJS Canada Alumni AGM 2021 Registration/Proxy Form     https://forms.gle/Z7igBgSP8UyvN1om8

Best Regards,
BHJS Canada Alumni